30 September 2019

As you probably know Java EE was moved from Oracle to the Eclipse Foundation where will evolve under the Jakarta EE brand. Sept. 10, 2019 Jakarta EE Full Platform and Web Profile specifications was released by Eclipse Foundation during JakartaOne Livestream. Few days later Wildfly declared that WildFly 17.0.1 has passed the Jakarta EE 8 TCK and certification request has been approved by the Jakarta EE Spec Committee. So, now WildFly is a Jakarta EE Full platform compatible implementation.

Let's do migration of typical gradle EE project to the Jakarta EE and look how hard is it. Current JakartaEE version 8.0.0 is fully compatible with JavaEE version 8.0, that means no need to change project sources, just update dependency from javax:javaee-api:8.0 to jakarta.platform:jakarta.jakartaee-api:8.0.0

updated build.gradle:

apply plugin: 'war'
dependencies {
    providedCompile "jakarta.platform:jakarta.jakartaee-api:8.0.0"

That is it! Application builds and works well under WF17.0.1

Source code of demo application available on GitHub