21 January 2019

My name is Sergii Kostenko. I am a senior software engeneer living in Kiev. I worked in IT from 2004 on different positions with different stacks. The most experience I have in Java SE and Java EE. Last one is my favorite set of specifications. I am familiar with different JEE application servers like Wildfly, Payara, WebSphere, Weblogic and closely follow last EE trends like microprofiles, microservices and cloud oriented architecture. The same time I am always open for something new and interested.
I belive in Open Source and trust that Open Source did IT great and fun and will do it again and again :)

This blog I have started, to organize my experience, take notes about stuff that I did, thoughts about tech, etc. So, it is not something unique or innovative - just my understanding and interpretation. I will happy if you find something interested here for you.

I can be helpfull with:
  • App development on Java SE\EE
  • Consulting about architecture of enterprise solution
  • Onboarding and support complexity SE\EE projects
  • Profiling and performance tuning
  • Organization cluster environments, monitoring, logging, CI\CD, etc.
  • Drinking beer and talk about tech

Feel free to reach me by mail for any questions or discuss.